Custom Printed Decals

Custom Commercial & Industrial Decals

One of the best ways for a manufacturer or retailer to identify their products is with custom printed durable decals. Meet industry standards with our pressure-sensitive decals. Whether our decals are used indoors or in harsh, high-temperature environments, these custom manufactured decals will meet your requirements. We custom manufacture luminescent, reflective, instructional, window, and destructible security decals to fit any application.

At Rockford Silk Screen (RSSP), we provide economically produced vinyl, polyester and metal decals for product identification.  Our variety of decals and nameplates can be created with special adhesives to bond to a wide selection of surface applications. UV resistant clear coats, over-laminates along with base films can provide up to 5+ years of outdoor life. RSSP can even print on materials to be injection molded to surfaces.  With innovative printing technology and 50 years of printing experience, RSSP can create custom decals ideal for your application and environment.

Types of Custom-Printed Decals

Decals are available in an almost endless variety. Determining the material and printing method of your decals depend on placement and the type of conditions it will be subjected to. Beyond printing, our capabilities include custom die-cutting on router machines to guarantee accuracy and precision.  At RSSP, we manufacture decals and nameplates that meet all kinds of criteria, including:

  • Permanent placement & special adhesives for unique surfaces
  • Withstand exposure to sunlight & heat
  • Ease of application & removal
  • Reflective & luminescent
  • Compatibility with low surface energy plastics & certain powder coated metals
  • Long or short-run quantities
  • Thermal die-cuts
  • Overlays

Pressure-Sensitive Decal Printing

An RSSP specialty is the production of pressure-sensitive decals where we can apply quality adhesives that are formulate to your specific application. The high-quality inks we use in our six-color inline screen-printing, along with quality coatings and laminates that finish our decals, produce images that are durable, bright, and long-lasting. Our screen-printing capacity and finishing processes make it possible for us to take your project from concept to reality with expedited turnarounds.

RSSP creates nameplates and decals from a variety of materials, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Painted aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Brass
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonates
  • Stainless steel
  • Composite metals
  • Acrylics

We apply quality adhesives that are formulated to your specific application.

Custom Screen Printing and Decal Manufacturing

Rockford Silk Screen Process has been printing signage and labels for over 50 years. We create custom signs, decals, nameplates, and overlays for all applications in our state-of-the-art printing and warehousing facility. If you can imagine it, we can print it. Call us today at 800.373.0730 to discuss your screen-printing project and request a free quote.