Why screen printing versus offset or litho print?

There are several reasons why items are screen printed rather than printed by other methods. The first is the achievable color gambit, which delivers rich, bold, and brilliant colors. Screen printing also allows the use of various specialty inks, including metallic, dry-erase, non-skid, magnetic, chalkboard, and many others. The second reason is the durability of the print. While typical offset or litho prints exposed to outdoor conditions last only 3-4 months, depending on the colors in the print, screen-printed items typically last at least 24 months. We offer several types of laminates or overprint clears that extend the available life to 5 years or more in an outside environment. These ratios can be applied to indoor use as well.

Another reason to screen print involves the many substrates available to complement your product. The list of materials that can be screen-printed and fabricated is almost limitless. We can screen print signs on corrugated plastic, styrene, foamcore, expanded PVC, or polyethylene; screen print decals on vinyl or polyester; produce control panels and graphic overlays from polycarbonate or polyester; and make nameplates from aluminum or stainless steel; and much more.

Is digital printing a good alternative to screen printing?

The answer is "yes and no." The digital printing revolution has definitely helped printers create products without the initial costs of films and screens. If you are looking to pay less for a small-quantity run, this is a reasonable alternative. As good as digital inks have become, however, they do not compare in color density (pigment load) to screen print inks. There is also the "process to color" limitation of digital printing, which will not allow you to hit a Pantone Matching System (PMS) color exactly. When screen printed, the color can be an exact match, which is especially important for customers who want their logos to be perfectly consistent. For the vast majority of needs at smaller quantities, digital printing is a good alternative.

Why do I need artwork in vector format?

Vector format files allow for total manipulation of the artwork. A vector file can be resized without degradation of any images or text. It also allows us to build "traps" between the color breaks, which is essential for screen printing.

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