Digital Printing

Digitally Printed Industrial & Commercial Signs

While screen-printing on metal & plastic signs is still an economical printing option for large runs of signage, recent technological advancements have made digital inkjet printing a cost-effective alternative for short runs and prototypes. Rockford’s digital inkjet printing capabilities help large retailers around the country produce custom, high-quality signage. Large scale point-of-purchase and directional signage for large home improvement stores, department stores, and furniture stores are just a few examples of RSSP’s abilities.

Advantages of Digital Inkjet Sign Printing

The primary advantages of digitally inkjet printed signs are the reduced initial costs and quicker turnaround times. With digital inkjet printing technology, there is no need for costly and time-consuming setup of films and screens required for industrial sign screen-printing. Instead, digital images and photos are applied by four-color and six-color inline process inkjet printers. Digital technology also allows for unlimited sign personalization. Since each image can be easily changed, individual signs can be numbered or modified with information like barcodes or other data.

Prototypes and short runs of digitally printed industrial signs realize the most per sign savings over screen-printing. However, when outdoor durability, large quantities, repeat orders, or Pantone color-matching are required, screen-printing is the industrial printing method of choice.

 Digital Inkjet Printing

 RSSP produces digitally printed nameplates, decals, and control panel overlays for OEM manufactured appliances, cars, medical equipment, and machine controls.  RSSP can apply digital inkjet printing and graphics to many different materials.

·         Polycarbonates

·         Acrylics

·         Anodized aluminum

·         Painted aluminum

·         Stainless steel

·         Composite metals

Make RSSP Your Industrial Sign Headquarters

Rockford has over 50 years in the industrial and agricultural sign business, and our team of sign professionals has stayed at the forefront of new sign technology. Today, our 90,000-square-foot ISO-certified facility is equipped with two state-of-the-art digital inkjet presses and two six-color inline screen printing presses. Our state-of-the-art facilities are outfitted with optical knife-cutting & router machines to handle custom jobs with the highest level of quality and efficiency. RSSP can cut precisely to your specs using our roll or flat machines.

This gives us the versatility to print your industrial signs at a reasonable cost regardless of run size. In addition, we have the warehousing and shipping options to meet all your signage needs.


Call today or fill out our convenient online contact form to request a bid. When it comes to digitally printed industrial signs: If you can imagine it, RSSP can print it!